TripAdvisor Reviews
Reviewed September 2019
Really enjoyed this 2 hour stroll around LA. Certainly value for 20 USD. Phil our guide was easy going and informative. Ideal for solo visitor like myself.
Reviewed August 2019
I love comtemporary art and the street art scene and Robert was the perfect guide. We had a pretty much personalised tour and it was me and one other, Robert is so knowledgeable about the scene and took us to lots of wonderful places. I especially loved the story of the American hotel and at the end of the tour took Robert's advice to check out Seaton street (?) which had the most amazing murals.
Reviewed August 2019
We had a really small group of three people on the entire two (four with the guide). The guide was informative, and a professional that has been doing tours like this for years. She was able to answer questions and comment on many things outside of just what was on the tour. I don't travel often, nor take tours like this. Was surprised when my fellow tour guests provided a tip at the end, I didn't realize that was a thing. I felt bad for not doing the same, and while she did a great job, I am still of the opinion that I had paid for a service, and the service was delivered. End of transaction. There was never a guilt trip or any mention of a tip, so no issues there. Just be prepared for it. Would recommend this tour though.
Reviewed August 2019
We enjoyed our time on tour with Chris! He was a friendly and enthusiastic tour guide - would highly recommend!
Reviewed August 2019
What an awesome tour...guides were great!! I would definitely recommend, great way to get insight into the quirks of the city!
Reviewed August 2019
We had a great 2 hours with Phil. He kept me, my husband and 15 year old daughter interested and engaged throughout the tour. Saw some fabulous places, union station, the cathedral of our lady, the angel flight, Walt Disney concert hall. We (I) asked tonnes of questions and Phil was happy to answer them all. Thoroughly recommend this tour. Thanks for the great start to our holiday!
Reviewed August 2019
Really interesting and informative. Robert was a great guide and very passionate. Whether you are visiting or LA is in your own backyard, definitely check it out!
Reviewed July 2019
Thank you so much Robert for an excellent privat tour! I enjoyed every minute, so informativ and fun. Very professional not to cancel when I was the only one signing up for the tour. Highly recommended!!
Reviewed July 2019
Great tour the guide dude was awesomeI recommend the tour it was informative I hope to take the tour again someday
Reviewed July 2019
We had a fabulous 2 hour tour with Neel. He is very passionate about the City and how it continues to reinvent itself. Need was very informative and was happy to answer questions about LA life. He pointed out some of the sights you would miss if you did not have inside knowledge. Went back to check out the Last Bookshop n Neel's suggestion. Would highly recommend the tour.
Reviewed 18 July 2018
I have just spent a week staying in a LA hotel accompanying my partner who was at a conference. I was lucky enough to take the Old & New LA tour with Neel on the first afternoon. I enjoyed it so much that I progressively booked a tour each day for the week. One day I even did two tours. The groups were small which meant it was easier to engage with the guide and to keep close enough to hear what was being said. I had a tour where I was the only participant and I really appreciated the fact that they were professional enough not to cancel the tour which would have meant I would have had no planned activity that day. The tours took me to parts of L.A. that I would never otherwise gone to and I heard interesting things about the buildings and places we visited which bought the places to life. I highly recommend the tours. I encountered 4 different guides and they were all friendly, knowledgeable and engaging. The guides all had recommendations for places to eat and visit. These guided walks meant the I had a thoroughly enjoyable week in LA.
Reviewed 27 June 2019
I had a great time on the tour. Phil, the guide, was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was open to questions and gave great tips for other sites to check out in L.A. I really enjoyed hearing the history behind the buildings we saw, and two hours was the perfect amount of time. I enjoyed the tour and highly recommend.
Reviewed 25 June 2019
Our guide was very knowledgeable and obviously enjoyed sharing her extensive knowledge with us. Her enthusiasm bubbled through, and she made an effort to talk to everyone in the group separately. Two critics: it wasn't very spooky at all. No real ghost stories, more like murder here, odd death there. Except for the Cecil Hotel. She convinced me never to stay there! #2 - We were there for a ghost tour. None of us need a less on racial/sexual orientation inequality. Also, keep your politics out of it. You may not like conservative people, that was very clear, but they are people too - your guests in this case. Treating guests poorly is not the way to go. Stick to ghost stories and everyone well have a better time.
Reviewed 24 June 2019
Although my wife and I live in Los Angeles, we decided to take this walking tour. We found the full two hours very informative. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Reviewed 24 June 2019
robertt was excellent . very knowledgeable. explained things well. definitely recommend him if you are going for the first time.
Reviewed 17 June 2019
This is a wonderful tour! We have lived in the Los Angeles area for 30 years and were surprised to see so many new sights hidden in plain view! Phil is very informative and kept the interesting history of Los Angeles entertaining. Thank you.
Reviewed 10 June 2019
What a fabulous way to spend a couple of hours! Our charming and ridiculously knowledgeable guide, Phil, was a delight. If you are at all interested in knowing about the diverse history of LA buildings, do this walk (and ask for Phil!) Highly recommended and excellent value for money.
Reviewed 8 June 2019
This is a not to be missed tour. Phil was very knowledgeable, answered all our questions and took us to some amazing buildings. He was very informative about the history of LA. Without this tour we would have missed most of these buildings, and even if we had seen them would not know their history. A fascinating and enjoyable tour. Highly recommended.
Reviewed 23 May 2019
So much fun to see the Hollywood history. All those stars in one place. highly reccomend this tour. the guide was very good
Reviewed 22 May 2019
I had attended Part I and was so happy to see them offer Part II. This was such an interesting and entertaining tour, and so great to hear about LA history from a different perspective. Thank you Julia for being such a great guide, offering so much information and sharing it with us. I highly recommend it!